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How to insert a letterhead into a word document

A tutorial on how you can insert your pre-designed letterhead into a word document.

Jul 15, 2020

If you have worked with a graphic designer on your branding, many times they will have created a letterhead for you as part of your brand’s stationery.

They are a lovely way to reinforce the brand, especially if your business sends letters out.

I remember back to a time when I worked in corporate, and we’d receive our brown paper package of letterheads.

Those things were treated like gold.

And you knew, if you were going to be printing something on them – you’d make damn sure that what you printed was right… heaven forbid you had a typo + then had to chuck that expensive piece of stationery away.

Things are different today [thank goodness… oh, the pressure!] Most of us embed the letterhead into our word documents, and just export it all as a PDF – ready to email [and save those trees], or to print [if needed]. 

Whilst many of my clients love their letterhead designs, many have asked the question:

How do we insert the letterhead into our word document?

It’s super simple, so I thought I’d create a little youtube video to help walk through the process for you.


About the Author

Emma believes that everyone has a calling / purpose + that they need to share that AwesomeSauce with the world. She works with women entrepreneurs to create a brand experience - so that they can confidently show up in their brand, stand out online + be seen by their ideal client.

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