Ever wondered why something hasn’t been done… you see a gaping hole, a huge problem – and you wonder why no one bothered to solve it yet? Chances are that you are not the only one who’s had that idea… more than likely, it just hasn’t had someone follow through with it… it lacked a strategy [or plan] it lacked execution!

 “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” – Thomas Edison

As Karl Hammerschmidt (Runway[Sale] Co-Founder) noted in his presentation at NetProphet:

Concept will only take you 1% of the way… Execution is key

Hence the reason I decided to expand on April’s post: on making ideas happen – instead of talking about why we don’t execute ideas… rather, I figured I would share some tips on HOW to execute it, linking into Strategy!

So if you have an idea, and want to get it done, but need a little inspiration first… why not check out this book by Don Packett: Do Ideas for a little inspiration.

Side note: 21 Tanks also are an ideation company – so if you are stuck – and need some ideas on how to work through the problem – try them

Ok… so we know that the idea is the easy part… and that execution will take some getting dirty of hands (sometimes mixed up my words they get)… how do we make that process as pain free as possible? Make sure that you have a plan in place… an strategy to get there!

Some tips for your Strategy:


I wrote a blog post [here] where you can find more detail on the tips below… but in brief:

1. What is the idea / Goal / thing I want to achieve? Know where you want to go…

2. Make it visual… helps to remind you when times are tough!

2. Break it down: What does the current landscape look like… Where am I now? and what are the steps between here and there?

3. Put the plan into action: What is the plan on implementation (how do I plan to make it happen)?

4. Be Prepared: Don’t waste valuable opportunities

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