Do you have ideas brewing?

…and you need to speak to someone who can make sense of it all – and give you clarity & direction.

Companies with a clearly defined brand strategy deliver 4x higher revenue growth compared to those without one


(Source: IE Business School)

it’s hard to find the time & space to think.

On an average day…

You’re juggling so many plates:

// Taking care of clients,

// Employees who need guidance,

// Your family who want a piece of you

…and you still need to make space for the things you need to do to grow your business!

There are so many ideas!

if only you had someone to brainstorm with!

A confidant.

Someone who will…

// listen to the ideas,

// Ask the right questions,

// Provide an objective view,

// Looking for the common themes,


Get clarity + Focus for the next phase of your business with a


Step 1: Book a call

Time investment: 5-10 minutes

No long questionnaires beforehand.

You just need to find a 1 – 2 hour gap in your diary.

Which you’ll book into my online calendar.

Leaving you with a Zoom link.

“I was so relieved that you were able to find a gap for me! And the system was super easy to book” Joyce

Step 2: The Session

Time investment: 1 -2 hours

This is your space.

We’ll work through what you’re currently faced with, the ideas you have, and figure out the best course of action to get there.

I will ask questions,

Challenge your thoughts,

and give you objective insights.

“It felt like I was just chatting to a friend over coffee. Yet you were able to pull through themes + give me clarity.” Natasha

Step 3: Clarity + Direction

Time investment: none

After our session, I will consolidate our discussion into a concise PDF.

Which will include:

// A summary of key points

// Action steps for the way forward.

Getting clear on my ideal clients was really helpful around messaging for website and social media.” Gemma

How much will it cost

to get clarity?

It’s a millionty trillionty.

Well… In value, of course.

I mean, 

How much would it save you,

if you had clarity + direction?

Lucky I am not charging that amount 😅

This introductory session is:

USD: $150

Rand: R1500