Well actually it started with a challenge:

“Create a survival kit” he said.

followed it with “make it personal and fun and you!”

The idea has grown and shifted [as most ideas do]… and next thing… I found myself having created a patreon account!

So then this happened:

I’m 29 days in… and it has been such an incredibly rewarding and fun time!

the question I get asked most often:

“Emma, why are you creating a survival kit??? what is it for??”

It started as a fun project for me.

But I also wanted to create something useful.

So looking at what I do with ease [coming up with new ideas] and knowing my friends stuggle with “Blank Page Syndrome”…

… this survival kit just made a bunch of sense!

THIS kit is designed to help you get past your creative block.

Here’s what’s happened so far with the kit:

Up until day 20, I was working out many of the project kinks and ideas.

Day 20, things started clicking into place… and so did the look and feel.

This will give you a little sneak peak:

I am now working on creating all the elements… which you can follow along here.

The survival kit has evolved into:

a survival kit to help you generate ideas…

for busy moms and stationery addicts alike!

and I can’t wait to see what happens in the final leg of the kit’s journey!

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