Hello Gorgeous!

Oh, sorry… not you [although I’m sure you’re also gorgeous, hun], I was referring to the new “colour of the year” for 2017… the Gorgeous GREENERY!



Don’t you love it’s fresh, calming, yet invigorating feel???

I’m totally smitten + so excited to have included it in a recent client project [but you’re going to have to wait for that one!!]

So when I started sharing my excitement all over the place, I had this really interesting question pop up:

Ā What is the point of “colour of the year”

Great Question [thanks Seema] that I thought I’d answer it here:

My super quick [and go to] answer is that it’s all about trends.

because it’s usually perceived that colour impacts fashion and decor [which it does], so selecting colours for the year impact on what’s trending in those spheres.

But I knew that it went deeper than that!

So I started looking into it for you, so that you didn’t need to šŸ˜‰

It’sĀ intended as a forecast, a reflection of what’s happening in the world [according to Ron Potesky, senior VP and general manager at Pantone].

I love that!


So the colour selected is intended to represent where we are globally, which got me thinking about how America is in a really interesting headspace politically; I got to thinking about how globally there is a drive to move back to nature, re-purposing and looking after what we have! then I found this really interesting nugget:


How it inspired me

I was so inspired by Greenery [and because it’s the colour of the year], I thought I’d whip up [not one, but] TWO moodboards for you to oogle over!

And whilst the verdict was that B was incredibly gorgeous – with the copper highlights – A was also a firm fav!

So I decided to share them both with you today! #MyTreat

Each Moodboard has a story

When I create a moodboard for my clients, each one holds the story behind each of their brand.

Images chosen can change the message, the feel, and showcases what makes a person unique.

Take a look atĀ how some tweaks in imagery below – can change the feel of the board overall:

Moodboard which inspired Coconut Crumble:

This moodboard is for the coach who wants to help her clients gain control over their lives + turn chaos into order.

As a coach, her focus is on creating a warm, supportive space where she is their mirror [reflecting their “stuff back to them], whilst making sure thatĀ she works in a way that leaves her clients feeling fresh, hopeful + Whole.

for Image Credits check outĀ this Pinterest Board.

Moodboard which inspired Green Smoothie:

This moodboard is for the health coach who helps her clients turn away from their bad food choices.

Her mission as a coach, is to reveal a new path to her client! She wants her clients to feel fresh, energised and new as they make better choices!

for Image Credits check outĀ this Pinterest Board.

So how does this translate into social media graphics?

These moodboards will translate into very different looking social graphics…

Want to create your own custom brand?

I want to know more

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