I’ve recently started using Keynote to create presentations… and I love the elegance, simplicity of design, and all the usual good things that come with apple products… the result: Professional looking presentations in a short amount of time!

Whilst the customised colour schemes are great… the challenge comes when you really like a particular element in one theme… that isn’t available in another 🙁 So whilst the shapes and charts are standard across all the themes – the colour scheme that they use is a little different.

It’s caught me a few times… I’ve been wanting a particular colour (usually of the sage and orange variety), and I can’t seem to find it in the colour scheme I’m working with… and it sometimes takes me a while to figure out that the colour I like is in a different theme… and then even more time is spent looking for that desired element…

So I decided to create a quick cheat sheet to make my search a little easier!

What’s included in my cheat sheet?

  • All 12 Slide Themes
  • Each Slide in it’s basic layout… (heading font included as a reminder)
  • A representation of each box colour (I usually find that it is also a representation of the colour palette that I will find for the fonts too)
  • Chart colour layout for both the 2D and 3D options

It’s a simple cheat sheet… but one that will same me a bunch of time… hope it helps you too!

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