What kind of website suits your business best?

There are a variety of websites to choose between - this article looks at the 7 most common websites - to help you choose which suits your business best.

Mar 24, 2021


the question many ask:

“What kind of website will suit my business best?”

There are so many ways that you can show up online.

Having a website is one [very useful] tool you can use to do so.

There really are so many ways that you can build a website – so my precursor to this post is that you want to make sure that the option you choose – is aligned to your overall business strategy.

Each “type” has a different focus and intention, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used in a fresh and different way. #justsaying.

So your original question:

Which one is right for me?

Will totally depend on the business you have, the client you want to reach, and your overall focus + strategy.


After saying all of that…


Here are the 7 most common options for you to consider…

1. The Coming Soon

the coming soon website is basically like an online business card, that lets people know they are in the right place…and that the full website is “coming soon”.

2. The Landing Page

kinda like the coming soon page, but it collects your clients email address [usually providing a free opt-in in exchange]

3. The “one pager”

where the usual items captured on a standard website – are all condensed on one page.

You just keep scrolling through all the sections of this site – no additional pages needed.

A great option for someone who doesn’t need a lot of supporting pages of copy.

4. The Standard 4 Pager

this is probably one of the most common site styles – the usual suspects are:

// home page,

// about page,

// services / offer page, and

// contact page.

 Naturally – this could grow into a 5, 10, 15 or even 30 pager website [it usually starts with the above 4 pages though]

5. The Portfolio

sometimes the service you offer – need to be showcased .

These portfolio / case study pages are a great addition to any standard blog – helping the potential client know they are in the right space

Not just for designers – the case study option could show your potential clients – what your product / service looks like in action.

6. The Blogger

This is for someone who wants to share their knowledge.

Side note: a blog is also really great for content marketing

Basically, it’s the standard website – with a special blogging section bolted on to it.

Ps… many Podcast creators also use a blog for their podcast.




7. The Shop

whether you sell a product or service. – having a way to collect money on your site (instead of paying commissions over to another platform), is always welcome.

Although – if you don’t have a lot of traffic, you may want to consider those other platforms first.


Sell a product [like T-shirts] – a shop makes complete sense, right?!?!

Sell courses – you could also make use of the shop to sell your online course [if you aren’t using something like thinkific].

Now that you have gotten these top-level insights…

I’m curious – which kind of website suits your business best right now?

Still not sure?

Feel free to reach out and chat to us >

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