Are you leveraging Linkedin?

Tired of your profile looking meh? Update it to position you as the professional you are!

40% say Linkedin is

the most effective B2B lead gen channel

LinkedIn has

65 million


as of 2023

When these decision makers take a look at your profile, are they thinking:

“They look like they know what they are doing, I want to work with this professional.”

Go on, take a look at your profile now, how do you think your potential client would rate it?

What do I actually get?

Step 1: The Profile Audit

What are people thinking when they first see your profile?

The Linkedin Audit Summary Report will give you:

// An overview as to the first impression your profile is making

// Suggestions for areas you can optimise

// Actionable tips to help you leverage your profile


“Thank you so much Emma. Really appreciate the time and effort you have taken with these insights!” – Val

Step 2: Content Cleanup

Let’s make sure that the content on your profile, is saying what it needs to say.

What you get:

// Headline update: Create an effective bio [So that the first words people see – create the right first impression]

// About update: reworded to position you, build connections + increase conversions 

“My profile positions me as a professional. It’s clear + slick – thanks Emma!” – Sharon

Step 3: Update your image

A bit of branding goes a long way, so here are the key areas we’ll fix – to help you connect with your clients visually:

// Cover image: make a great first impression [with a well designed cover image]

// Featured image: We’ll design graphics to position you as the expert and increase conversions

“After putting out my first post – we had someone contact us to enquire about one of our products!” – Kevin


PDF Report

With the findings from your profile audit + suggested changes that you can make to your profile.


Reworking your headline + body copy – to position you in the best light.


1 x well designed cover image that is “on brand”

2 – 3 x featured Images 

implementation call

We’ll walk you through how to change your images + copy on your profile [in a 30min zoom call]

Creating a Linkedin Profile…

that’s on brand + ready for business

“It was so awesome to have the team clean up my profile.” Kath

How much will it cost

to fix your profile?

International rate

Leverage Linkedin Package includes: 

1. Profile Audit Report
2. Content Update [Headline + About rewritten]
3. Cover Image
4. 2 – 3 featured images
5. implementation call

Total Value: $499




South African rate

Leverage Linkedin Package includes: 

1. Profile Audit Report
2. Content Update [Headline + About rewritten]
3. Cover Image
4. 2 – 3 featured images
5. implementation call

Total Value: R5000



Q: What happens after this?

The great thing about this package, is that it’s a once-off commitment.

The focus is to make sure that your profile is optimised – so that when someone lands on it – it reflects the professional you are.

Some clients want us to then continue leveraging their profile, and we are more than happy to discuss our monthly retainer options [and other products / services].

“I love my social images! having a template has made things so much easier! I love creating content now” – Gill


Q: Can you load all the changes for me?

Sure. This service is an optional extra though.

Once you give us access to the back end of your profile – we can then make the changes to the profile, load the cover image, and load your featured section.

Q: Do I get the templates?

You’ll receive the social images in JPG – once the project is completed.

If you would like us to provide you with a template for future image creation – we would be happy to work out an additional rate for that.

Q: Will I be contracted in?

The Leverage Linkedin Package is a once-off package – designed to bring your profile up to date, so no intense contracts are required.

We also see it as a great way to test how we will work together… and many clients choose to sign up for our social packages afterwards.

Q: Can you help me with post ideas?

We do discuss post / image idea’s in the initial chat.

If you would like to discuss a social strategy going forward – We would be more than happy to help.

Q: What are your other social packages?

Once you have fixed up the page, you might want us to take care of your social posting for you.

We have three packages:

// The Test Pack: Ideal for clients who want to test the waters + only want to post once a week.

// Building Consistency Pack: Ideal for those who want to be more consistent [with posts 3 x per week] – this package includes a monthly consult regarding topics

// Socially Sorted Pack: Ideal for clients who have a lot of products, or who want to boost brand awareness – with posts 5 days a week – this package also includes the monthly consult.


Book your session:

Goal you want to achieve with the Leverage Linkedin Package

Which option would you like to book?

Which option would you like to book?

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