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Why Linkedin?

Let’s start off by sharing these two critical facts to help you decide:

    1. 40% say Linkedin is the most effective B2B lead gen channel
    2. LinkedIn has 65 million decision-makers as of 2023

So if you are wanting new leads + want to connect with decision makers, then yes – Linkedin is where you need to be.

If you don’t want to connect with new business, generate leads, or position yourself effectively – no need to read further… go grab a celebratory drink.


Do I need a rebrand though?

Now that you know you want to be on Linkedin, how necessary is a rebrand?

Well, we all know that first impressions make a big impact.

So if your profile is outdated, unfinished, looking bland, or not positioning you effectively, then you could potentially be experiencing one [or more] of the following:

    • Not getting contacted for exciting new opportunities
    • Engagement + interest is low
    • Missing out on connections and conversations with industry influencers.
    • Getting passed over for speaking opportunities
    • Feeling frustrated that your profile grossly undersells your capabilities and passion.
    • Hours tweaking your profile and not seeing results.
    • Personal brand feels non-existant [or all over the place]


Essentially – you’re either not standing out at all, falling into a sea of “sameness”, or standing out for the wrong reasons.

If that feels close, then potentially a rebrand is right for you.

What's included in the Rebrand?

The Linkedin Rebrand includes:

1. A Profile Audit:

Let’s look at what’s working, and where you can optimise your profile

“Thank you so much Emma. Really appreciate the time and effort you have taken with these insights!” – Val

2. Headline Rewrite:

Working the “critical first words” that people read before connecting with you

3. About section rewrite:

Because everyone makes it about them, when it should rather be a converting opportunities to call you

4. Cover image redesign:

making sure that you make a great first impression

5. Feature Section images designed:

Let’s point people in the right direction

“My profile positions me as a professional. It’s clear + slick – thanks Emma!” – Sharon

6. Post Templates designed:

So that you create content that is on brand + memorable [Includes Carousel + image template]

“After putting out my first post – we had someone contact us to enquire about one of our products!” – Kevin

How much does does the rebrand cost?

The Linkedin Rebrand includes:

  • Profile Audit
  • Cover image redesign
  • Headline Rewrite
  • about section rewrite
  • Feature Section images designed
  • Post Templates designed

Investment: $499

[50% off specific dates in Feb]

Creating a Linkedin Profile…

that’s on brand + ready for business


Q: What happens after this?

The great thing about this package, is that it’s a once-off commitment.

The focus is to make sure that your profile is optimised – so that when someone lands on it – it reflects the professional you are.

Some clients want us to then continue leveraging their profile, and we are more than happy to discuss our monthly retainer options [and other products / services].

“I love my social images! having a template has made things so much easier! I love creating content now” – Gill


Q: Can you load all the changes for me?

Sure. This service is an optional extra though.

Once you give us access to the back end of your profile – we can then make the changes to the profile, load the cover image, and load your featured section.

Q: Do I get the templates?

You’ll receive the images for the cover + featured section in JPG – once the project is completed.

Templates for posts + carousels will be provided + editable.

If you would like us to provide you with a template for future image creation – we would be happy to work out an additional rate for that.

Q: Will I be contracted in?

The Leverage Linkedin Package is a once-off package – designed to bring your profile up to date, so no intense contracts are required.

Some clients prefer us to handle their posts after the fact, this can be discussed

Q: Can you help me with post ideas?

If you would like to discuss a content / social strategy for your brand going forward – we’d be happy to quote you on that post this package.

Q: What are your other social packages?

Once you have fixed up the page, you might want us to take care of your social posting for you.

We have three packages:

// The Test Pack: Ideal for clients who want to test the waters + only want to post once a week.

// Building Consistency Pack: Ideal for those who want to be more consistent [with posts 3 x per week] – this package includes a monthly consult regarding topics

// Socially Sorted Pack: Ideal for clients who have a lot of products, or who want to boost brand awareness – with posts 5 days a week – this package also includes the monthly consult.


Enquire about the

Leverage Linkedin Rebrand Package:


Goal you want to achieve with the Leverage Linkedin Package

Which option would you like to book?

Great news! You're paying in Rands, which is 50% off [consider it my way to give back]! Which option would you like to book?

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