But what does that really look like?

Does every day need to be a party, with balloons, and cake… or drinks?

What… How do you get people to enjoy coming to work in the morning?

8 Tips to get your team to luuurve coming to work:

Lets see if I can share some “fun” ideas with you… things that you can actually practically implement:

  1. Give them work they love [give them work that’s suited to them]
  2. Encourage them to eat lunch together
  3. Give them projects that are aligned to their strengths [their real outside-the-scope-of-work strengths]
  4. Give them cake on their birthday [they shouldn’t have to spend money feeding your staff on their day… just because they came to work],
  5. Chill rooms with internet and games [for when they need some downtime],
  6. Give them a purpose… something they can buy into that’s worthwhile doing
  7. A gym to work off the stress
  8. A bit of flexibility in terms of time [because everyone should have a life outside of work]



Which tip will you implement?

emma weise sign-02

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