Last week we started talking about inspiring others to dream more… and I have found myself doing quite a bit of dreaming…  So here’s the challenge… dreaming is one thing, but:

“It is not how many ideas you have, it is how many you make happen.” – Advertisement of Accenture

Not all ideas are created equal!

So… as I’m sometimes known to do – I like to think about thinking! And as a result… I have a lot of ideas randomly pop into my mind.

Some are so random or strange {they are not worth remembering}!

Some of those ideas – whilst interesting – will actually just be a huge distraction to me right now… and need to get shelved. If I don’t keep it in a safe space {now evernote} – those ideas will float around in my mind and get lost… never to be found again.

Other ideas have HUGE potential… and need to be captured, developed further and acted on!

How many ideas do you make happen?

I like how the Accenture quote {above} talks to being more action orientated… or as Nike would say: Just Do it!

The key is knowing which of those ideas are the ones we need to act on. Instead of getting caught up dreaming {oh the allure of shiny new ideas}, we need to get more focused on taking that scary step towards actioning it!

And I have learnt that if I don’t take that step… I’m not going to get any closer to where I want to go.

That said… A word of caution:

Action alone wont make the dream become a reality… you need to make sure that the things you decide to DO – will be the most effective steps towards getting you there! Sounds simple right? Then why do I find myself caught up in the shiny part of running a business… I am finding that the brand creating component is fabulous… and I could spend hours on building my website, and fine-tuning it to make it awesome… but If I don’t focus on those things that will get me where I want to go… a pretty website will only get me so far.

I exaggerate {a little} – but you get the point!

Are you making it happen?

One of my ideas was to create a slideshare… which is basically a presentation sharing site. The good news… I achieved my goal, take a look at my previous post – It’s Titled: “What do you mean my employee morale is low

How are you working towards your goals? Have you made any of your ideas happen already this year? Why not share below!


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