We create real fresh

brand experiences


because the whole experience you offer your clients,

should be as dynamic, authentic, accomplished,

and uniquely stylish – as you are!


all that’s missing

is clarity and focus

with clarity on how all the ingredients work together

you will have clear focus + direction [with decisions becoming easier]

Oh, and did I mention – you’ll start creating a consistent + aligned experience!

“Your brand is the promise of an experience”

– Alexander isley

how can I help you

create that experience?

I love looking at the ingredients of your business, and helping you create a recipe that makes sense… for you!  My clients call it #emmamagic and call me branding genius [#IWish]… but really, it just comes from a desire to see you step into your God given purpose + calling – with a splash of creative, analytical wisdom from my side!

Whilst they love the clarity, focus and direction that they have after working with me – I love seeing them soar – from 3 x-ing their sales, to booking international speaking gigs, to starting in a direction they had never dreamed [but so incredibly happy they did]… they amaze me each time!

What’s on the menu?

Need a Fresh Start...

Let’s take a fresh look at the “brand ingredients” – get back to basics, and chuck the old junk out the grocery cupboard – time to clarify what you’ll need to make traction + bake a decadent brand.

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Ready to rebrand...

Ready to bake a fresh + real tasty brand – take a look at how I delve into the heart of who my clients are – in order to create a brand [and brand experience] their clients love!

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Shop around for some tasty DIY Treats...

Maybe you’re just wanting some sweet treats to get you started in the right direction!

I’ve got all sorts to help you build your brand – templates, planners and guides, and a session or two with me

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Want to chat about working together?

Starting a project?

what is the budget?

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