truthbomb: “you have the power to make an impact, right where you are!”


When I was young… I thought I’d be a star.

I imagined a life of jetting to exotic destinations to shop for luxurious items… a cashmere sweater from London, some macaroons + champagne in Paris for Tea. Occasional spotlight moments on the red carpet, offset with holidays on yachts seeking out exotic islands… I crafted quite the life for myself [in my mind].

I also got really frustrated that I wasn’t living the glorious life I’d crafted in my mind, and couldn’t understand why my mom didn’t want to buy me those pearlescent slippers [after all, they were a fraction of the price of all the things I’d mentally bought in New York!].

When I got a little older, I started dreaming of a corporate life – making an impact as I worked at my laptop, strutting around in heels + gorgeous suits, and… a ceeelllppphhoonnneee [totally giving away my age right now], living some fancy “high flying” life.

As I’ve older + grown wiser, I smile at that little princess and the teenager dreamer – knowing that the kind of life I actually wanted – looked very different to the one I thought I wanted.

I want a life of IMPACT.

I often get as frustrated as the little princess, because I know I’m not living a life that’s as impactful as it could be #comparison-itis anyone?

In those moments, it helps me to remember that I have a choice.

A choice to make an impact where I am… with what I have.

and guess what loves… you do too!

You’re probably wondering what that even looks like?

Here are 8 ways that you can make an impact where you are right now:

  • Make a considerable difference in your clients life – give them value
  • write a book [or ebook, or helpful pdf] sharing your knowledge
  • Create a product  – based on a need you’ve noticed, or something you need, or something you love
  • Be a role model to someone [your kidlet, a family member or friend, or some random person you encountered on your starbucks run 😉
  • Help someone else out with your skills
  • Pay it forward – buy someone a cup of coffee, give someone a meal,
  • Support a local / small business
  • Do something – just because it’s the right thing to do [pick up rubbish, recycle, clean the ocean]

Ok… this list – was just to get you started… Share some ideas in the comments below!

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