I’m so tired of not showing up as myself

I had put on a brand “persona” for my business for waayyyy too long!

I had projected the “professional” that everyone “expected”

[and kinda like the suit I wore in corporate – it looked good… but it wasn’t me]!

I felt like my brand wasn’t fitting right.

I knew that I wasn’t really showing up as myself!

So I set out to fix it.

I worked [and reworked, and reworked] my brand… until it felt just right.

You know what?

My business only came alive, when I allowed my personality to come through in my branding.

I’ve seen you struggle.

I’ve heard you when you said you don’t know how to bring your personality alive.

I have wanted desperately to help you!

[but you also told me that you didn’t have the $1450 for a full rebrand, I get it – coaches, convert kit, lead pages, and all the other tools to do the job are expensive]

So I have been mixing recipes in the background, and have freshly baked a beautiful branding treat… just for you!

The New Treat is HERE!!!


If you’re ready to make sure that your 2017 starts off with a beautiful brand that radiates you [instead of “cookie cutter cute”], then this is how we can bake together:

➡️We unpack the kind of brand (and experience) you want to create
➡️ we work through a quick moodboard of your brand inspiration
➡️ we look at the raight balance of 3 main brand colours that will attract mrs dreamy
➡️ you’ll have one main logo (4 options and 1 revision)
➡️ I help you identify the right font to represent your brand
➡️ you’ll get 1 pattern / texture
➡️ I wrap it all up in a neat brand board – to help you stay consistent

But most of all, you’ll have the confidence to put your business out there, find renewed excitement in your biz – and it will make it easy for you to be visible!


Ok… you want to see more deets?

Here is an example of what your gorgeous new brand could look like:

What they said:

“Working with Emma is like working with a great friend, the whole process was authentic and fun!

Emma was amazing at pulling all the different threads of my biz story and elements together.

She stunned me with the lengths she went to create something that I would love.

Now I have an entire LOOK and FEEL for my brand that is deep and authentic. I’m becoming more confident.

Taking up more space. Being more visible. And now my client bookings are FULL.”

Stevie Schafer

Content + Newsletter Whiz!, Stevie Schafer

What’s the investment?

I’m showing this tasty treat off at a super affordable $750!

[Or two split payments of $425]

I can’t wait to connect with you!



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