Imagine you pop into your local Woolies…

It’s lunch, you’re starved, and you’re quickly popping in between meetings to grab a salad.

You’re pretty stoked to find your favourite salad’s on special [buy two and save R20] – so you grab two [great – now you have tomorrow’s lunch sorted] – and make a mad dash to the till with just a few minutes till your next meeting.

Imagine your disappointment when you sit down at your desk, only to find that the salad pack was filled with pap lettuce and soggy soft tomatoes… and then… as you haul out the slip so that you can return it – you realise that they actually charged you an additional R20 instead of giving you that discount!

Not quite the brand experience you have come to expect from a company that prides themselves on quality.

You would end up feeling deflated, frustrated, angry and seriously shortchanged on all fronts.

[disclaimer: this story is based on a fictional salad… I usually have great experiences with woolies products]

The point is that as employer brands… we create this kind of experience for our teams.


So what is your company brand promising? What values are you punting?

Are you delivering on those promises in the employee’s eyes?

What can you do to better engage those who work with you?

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