build a personal brand, infused with you!

grow your consultancy [service based business]

by differentiating yourself from the crowd


differentiate your business

a roadmap for clarity + focus

confidently grow your business

you want to be seen as a trusted advisor

the problem is that you’re not confidently positioning yourself, and it’s leaving you doubting whether clients would even meet with you, let alone invest in your services.

what are the

warning signs?


// Your current brand is not leaving you feeling confident in front of potential clients.

// You’re not entirely sure how to differentiate your business.

// You’d like to be more focused on who you serve & get really targetted on the audience.

// You get distracted by all the shiny possibilities and opportunities that you have.

that’s where I come in…

I know what it’s like to procrastinate, because you’re feeling so unsure.

Or when you’re all over the place. and the frustration when you just can’t choose. Struggling to decide what to focus on, not sure who to speak to, or which platform will help grow your business.

I know how poor brand execution affects how clients perceive you [and how you feel about your business], and that feeling of wanting to pivot + refresh your tired, DIY’d, or amateurish brand.

I also know what it’s like to run a business that’s really aligned to YOU + your calling!

imagine having a roadmap for your personal brand

Where all your thoughts come together in a clearly laid out plan [with easy to action steps]

…a solid foundation for your consultancy.

your custom roadmap is as simple as:

1. book in your virtual session

2. We create a clear brand direction

3. get actionable steps to build your personal brand

topics we cover during the session:

Brand goals

unique position

ideal client

ideal offers

Includes a 90min zoom call + your roadmap outlined in a 5 page PDF

what some clients have said about

their roadmap building experience…

ready to book your roadmap?

Drop us an email:


Here are a few of the questions we’re often asked:

Wait, I wanted a logo, do I need to do the roadmap first?

Yes. Without a roadmap, we would just be creating something “pretty” and ineffective!

In order for us to create a personal brand that is really aligned to you – we need to dig deep + establish those clear goals, what your unique positioning is, who that target client is + the best way to attract + serve them!

 If you’re here, it’s because you want a brand that is impactful + aligned to you and your purpose – to do that, roadmap first.

What will I get?

Other than a bunch of clarity + focus? 😉

You’ll get a 60min session with Emma – which will feel like you’re just having a chat with a friend + whilst you’re talking, Emma is connecting all the dots + aligning all the “pieces of you” [clients have said it’s life changing #justsaying]

Deliverable: All the thoughts + ideas are pulled together into a PDF, along with your roadmap / timeline for your brand going forward. Yip – a clear, simple step-by-step play of what you need to do!

Do you also make logo's + Websites?

Yes! We do… We really love partnering with our clients to create a full brand experience.

Before get there though, the roadmap is the best starting point to help lay a really solid foundation for your brand.

After the roadmap - do I have to use you to build my brand?

Nope! There isn’t a fixed commitment post the roadmap.

That being said, many clients have chosen to work with me to help them build out their brand experience after our initial roadmap.

Can we chat, before committing?

Of course! In fact, I encourage it + have set up a Free 15min consult just for you – click here to book that.