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Position your personal brand for career success! [interview]

How to position your personal brand for career success - Interview with Natasha Thomas [Bright Sprout Consulting]

Feb 19, 2022


How does a personal brand help me succeed in the world of work?

 Whether you are starting out in the world of work, building your career, or needing to position yourself in a fresh way… I think you may get a few nuggets out of the conversation that Natasha had with me. Natasha is a career coach, and she knows that her audience really need help building their personal brand – so that they can position themselves for career success.

In these interviews we dive into:

  • What a personal brand is and why a company cares about it
  • How a personal brand can impact your career growth [and getting a job]
  • Why some people are more successful than others
  • What goes into your personal brand
  • A tool to start helping you understand your own personal brand
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome whilst building your personal brand

And lots more [plus I share a few stories from my own journey]!

About the Author

Emma believes that everyone has a calling / purpose + that they need to share that AwesomeSauce with the world. She works with women entrepreneurs to create a brand experience - so that they can confidently show up in their brand, stand out online + be seen by their ideal client.

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