Espresso Brand Intensive (Brand Coaching)


Tired of the shiny object syndrome?

and Feel like you’ve lost brand + business focus?

Not sure who to focus your attention on?

Are you positioning the right offering to the right client?

Not feeling uniquely positioned?

Struggling to work out what makes you unique or how to infuse your brand personality


You’re looking for brand clarity, focus and direction!

  • You could either be in the space where you’re upleveling and need a new focus
  • or maybe you’re starting out and need guidance
  • or you know that what you’re putting out isn’t consistent

Then book an espresso intensive with me to get clarity, direction + focus!

Choose your own adventure!

Pick one of these topics for us to really dive into [or we could lightly touch on a mix of them]

  • Brand Direction
  • Unique Selling Point / business differentiation
  • Ideal Client attraction
  • Client Offering

What you’ll Get:

  • Clarity Questions
  • Brand Assessment
  • 1 x 45min 1:1 Session
  • Recipe [with tips and way forward]

But what you really get from the clarity session:

  • Clarity on your brand
  • Streamlined focus and direction
  • Insights about how you’re being perceived
  • Confidence to move forward in a solid direction
  • Action steps to help you build a brand


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