Brand Flava | Mini Course

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Your brand should stand out with it’s own unique flavour

Many clients come to me, struggling to articulate their business “usp” [or what makes their business unique and different], this course walks you through the process I take with my 1:1 clients.



  • It’s hard to explain what makes your brand unique?
  • Your brand is a mish-mash of all the other “cool” people – and it’s a little “wishy washy” / all over the place?
  • You’re starting to look like everyone else in a crowd of “same same”?

When you feel like your brand is lacking personality, it’s hard to really step out and make a difference.

You may know in your heart that what you do is awesome and that it changes your clients lives… but putting it into words – now THAT is tricky!

kinda like stuffing too many marshmallows into your mouth and trying to say the alphabet! 

Want me to help you get started?

Figuring out how your personality can be infused into your business, is really a game changer.

My clients suddenly felt more confident as they were able to connect with their ideal clients, and actually communicate what made them different from all the others in the market.

Because it impacted their business so much, I knew that I needed to share this with you too! Hence the inspiration behind this mini-course!

What we’ll cover in this course:

  • 1: Your Style / personality
  • 2: infusing personality into your business
  • 3: Getting practical | take decadent action

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