Fresh Brand Analysis


With the FRESH BRAND ANALYSIS, you can Grow your business, by optimising what’s working, identify gaps, and get a customised plan for your business.



👉 If you’ve been running a business for some time,

you’ll know that the changing landscape is normal.

As landscapes change,
you need to make sure you’re still relevant.
If you aren’t relevant, you could run into these issues:
// Clients dwindle
// Competitors start moving into the gaps in your market
// Income begins to dip.
Covid has brought about a new set of challenges,
and the landscape has changed once again.


It’s about reviewing your opportunities + optimising your brand to work harder for you.

By having a Brand Strategist analyse your brand:

// you’ll get fresh insights on how your brand is performing,
// you’ll identify opportunities,
// you’ll know which improvements are necessary
// you’ll have a clear plan to reach your desired business goals.
Because let’s be real, taking the time to ask “what the heck is going on with my brand?” – will ensure you stay relevant in the market.

When you book a *Fresh Brand Analysis* with us, we will review the following:

// Your Unique positioning
// How you’re connecting with clients
// How your Offers / Products work in relation to the market
// Brand Elements [Logo, colours, type, imagery etc]
// Social Presence + visibility
After we’ve identified the aspects you want to optimise,
you’ll get a custom report for your business brand.
Let’s make sure your brand is relevant [and representing the value you provide].


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