The One Page Plan Workshop

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It’s a great time to get focused, + aligned, and have the next 6 months sorted!



I see you hun! In between the client calls, copious amounts of frothy cuppacino’s, checking your Facebook groups [again]… it’s easy to get so sucked into what you do on a day to day basis, that you find yourself losing focus on the Big Biz direction, you’re needing to get some new energy – because right now you’re feeling as empty as your third cuppacino cup!

You really don’t want to have to wake up at the end of the next quarter, looking at the same with more of the same same! Having found that another 3 months slipped through your fingers, and you’re just plodding along!

You want to find a way to press pause, reflect on where you’re at… because if we’re honest, it’s super easy to get lost in the hustle and forget what we were ACTUALLY trying to do!

Now that the Jan goals are a feint memory, let’s sit down and your new plan on paper!

What will you get?

▸ A creatively designed one page plan [topline strategy document], that you can download and print out

PLUS… extra bonus treat:
▸ 10 Short videos – generally under 5mins – [where I give you guidance on how to complete the document with tips on what to include in each section]

Ready to get focus, direction, and renewed  for the next 6months of your business

Time to get strategic, angel!


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