Simple + Sexy Income generating tactics


Cold calling is a swear word!

… at least it is in my world.

Every time my hubby used to suggest I “cold call” – I instantly got hives at the thought of it.

But I needed business!

So I started putting a list together of things that I could do, practically, to grow my business!

The list grew to 16 things!!! It’s not only helped me grow my business, but my biz bff’s have loved it too!



What will you get?

📹 Explainer Video:
▸ Me, walking you through the different sections, to help spark some ideas!

📖  A PDF filled with:
▸ 16 awesome ways you can build relationships, connections, and ultimately sales!


Here’s to all the ka-ching you’ll be making!!! #CheersInAdvance


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