Websites for Salt | Dough | Brickmakers Bistro

Creating a website presence for 3 different restaurant brands in East London – that are part of the same group of owners.

The client wanted to ensure that all three of her restaurants had a sufficient presence online.

Top priorities…

// Help clients find the restaurant online.

// Get a sense as to what each restaurant is like [each one has a different focus + feel].

// Find useful information [Shop hours, menu, map etc]


What we did:

// Website Design

// Social Presence


Same Same, but different.

Each of the restaurants have a very different look and feel. So even though we used a similar layout – each one holds it’s own space in the restaurant market in east london.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of each one:

Can your local clients find you?

Having an online presence, helps more of your local clients find you. Making sure that your website is well positioned – will help those clients know that they want to do business with you.

Are you making it easy for them?

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