A wine label for a sheep farmer?

We didn’t just do that to catch your attention, promise.

It’s also not really where this story began… As a third generation sheep farmer in the thomas river area [just outside Stutterheim], JG Wardle wanted to celebrate the 15 years he’s had his own farm – and what better to mark the occasion – than a brand that depicts the heritage + quality that he lives by [not only is the meat incredible, but his wool is even sent to the parisian market].

Whilst working on the brand mark [one that is focused on the particular kind of sheep he specialises in], we also explored other mark options – after all, how cool would it be to have a stamp / stencil type mark – that we could not only use on wool bales, but we could even turn it into a custom wine label for client gifts…

So whilst JG + Quinta haven’t planted any grapes [just yet], that is how we ended up creating a wine label for a sheep farmer! 

What we did:

// Brand Identity

// Brand Collateral


“We wanted a brand that not only marked our heritage, but also celebrated how far the farm had come.”




from thomas river, stutterheim…

…to paris and beyond.


premium quality for ewe.

Based: East London, South Africa

Operating: Globally

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