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Who are they… In a nutshell

Beyond Being Well, is for those of you who are ready to move beyond the green smoothies… and look inside for your next level of healing… in a practical [not too woo woo] way!

Project scope: Refresh The Brand

Full Story on the blog

[with links to the images in the gorgeous inspiration board]!

The Solution

  • Inspiration Board
  • Logo [with variations]
  • Brand Colours
  • Brand Typography
  • Brand Elements

The full breakdown of theBeyond Being Well brand can be found in this blog post, here is her brand guide board:

What they said…

Meg Berryman

Meg Berryman

Owner | Beyond Being Well

When I first contacted Emma,  I couldn’t organically come up with the look that really reflected my target market, what I do and where I want to take my business.
Emma’s has a beautiful knack for capturing the essence of your brand and reflecting it back to you in a way that makes you feel all fuzzy inside!
I was surprised by how much the process helped me clarify broader goals and intentions around my business, my target market and the kind of offerings and experience I wanted to create! The visual process helped to crystallise the space that I wanted to create for my client and led to more confidence in being able to explain what I do to others.
I’ve now got a cohesive look, I feel more confident in preparing social media stuff and amending my website, I love the simplicity and clarity I have, and have even started dressing in a way that represents me! Not a Joke!
In addition to her unique creative talents, Emma has an awesome understanding of what it takes to make a cohesive business thrive and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for some consistency, clarity and flair in their branding and business as a whole.

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