east cape solar

Creating a powerful brand for a solar company in South Africa.




Business Type:

Solar [Electrical]


Fresh Brand


Package included:

  • Brand Foundation
  • Brand Identity
  • Google Profile 
  • Social Page
  • Website


The Challenge: Whilst the client had a wealth of experience in the electrical space, he knew that he needed to niche his offering. Added to that, there was another local company with a similar name, who had less than desirable ratings, and clients were getting confused.

We knew that we needed to create something that would position the brand effectively in the local market. In our research, we also saw that there was a space for a brand that had a bit more personality [whilst still appearing professional].

In order to position this solar company effectively…

It’s important to take a look at the current competitive landscape [especially when we embark on a “Fresh brand” project]. Because we want to identify what the potential gaps are, and what we need to do to position the brand differently.

After all, we want the brand to stand out.

Speaking of standing out, as you can see by the graph below – if we really wanted the brand to stand out… a funky “hot pink” could have been an option.

I may have toyed with it for a minute over a cup of coffee… but it wouldn’t have matched the client I was working with 😆 so back to the drawing board for us. #nexttime

The brand identity needed to feel reliable + affordable

[but modern].

Once we complete the strategy process, even though we narrow down the focus – there are often multiple ways it can be interpreted. Here are some of the concepts we showed the client, to get a sense as to the direction they were most aligned with. 

This was the concept that didn’t make it.

But it’s great to see a visual of two very distinct ways that the brand can be interpretted. 

[also – I’m still keen to bring this one to life one day #winkwink]

building in brand consistency?

Next step is to ensure that we create a consistent brand across all the touchpoints.

Let’s develop something great together.


Let’s have a chat about where you are, where you want to be, and we’ll take it from there. Build your business with a creative partner who is all about strategic growth.

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