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Consolidating multiple establishments into one Hospitality brand [+ website].


We were faced with an interesting case. The client had a variety of established BnB’s + guesthouses they were running, and they wanted to consolidate all of the entities under one overarching “umbrella brand” + they wanted a website that they could send potential customers to [instead of having to rely on the likes of booking.com or airbnb].

Goal: grow the brand and portfolio through an online presence.

What we did:

// Brand Roadmap

// Brand Identity

// Website Design 

We started from the bottom

Well, we started with the most established brand within the bunch: Goulden Street.

As you can see – we looked at how we could incorporate the “Goulden look” across all of the brands. But part of the branding process is about turning things on their head. If we had to re-imagine this group – what would it look like?

That’s when we decided to give “wesden group” it’s own identity – different to the other brands:

The brand needed to stand on it’s own.

In looking at the long term potential of the brand, it has legs to shift into a multitude of directions [beyond accommodation / hospitality], and the we opted for a modern, more corporate brand that could flex into many avenues.

We then translated the “Goulden street look” across all the other establishments:

building in brand consistency?

How do you then create a consistent brand, if the overall logo is so different to the submarks?

Use colour. We decided that the navy, blue + taupe were the overarching “wesden colours”. The sub-brands then made use of accent colours, for more individuality [although, as you can tell, the duck egg blue is the favourite colour by far 😉 ].

home away from home.

As the brand continues to reinforce their brand and build brand awareness, the wesden group will be known for hosting large groups, but still being able to maintain the “home away from home” feel.

Is your brand sending a consistent message?

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