Fresh logo for Beast Unltd. a trendy online clothing company in South Africa.

This clothing company are on a mission. More than trendy fashionable wear, their heart is to bring out a guys “inner beast” – creating clothing that they feel confident in, with the motto:


What we did:

// Logo Clean up 

// Alternate marks

// Collateral Design

// Website Layout Design

Step 1: The Logo

The current logo has taken on a variety of forms. But there are two main components that needed to be considered… The Word “BEAST”  + the icon of the beast.

Depending on the “look” that is trending – these two concepts are interpreted differently [see two examples of how the logo on the shirts above is “same same, but different”.

The client needed the logo to deliver on two things:

1. To keep the Beast icon – but clean it up [see graphic below] – because the current version is not translating well in print [see the blurry close up lines below].

2. Ensure that the mark is flexible enough to work across various applications [website, corporate identity, and product].


So we started off tackling the first problem… Cleaning up our “Beast”.

Unfortunately the rough brush stroke was creating problems in print. Our Beast was also a little skinny + felt too angry… so we did a bit of cleaning him up [can you spot all the subtle differences???]

Next step was to explore all the type options for the logo… and pull a few different lockups together:


beast untld. logo options

Which was the final logo option the client chose?


 It was a tough choice… and I honestly loved quite a few of the options!

But this is the option that made the grade as the main icon:


Remember we spoke about how the logo needed to be flexible?


Here are all the variations + options we used – to provide flexibility, but keep the consistent brand feel:

Logo options for Beast Untld.

How does the logo translate across different applications?


Here is a snapshot of what the brand could look like in action:

Logo for Beast Unltd.

Step 2: Brand Collateral

You spotted some brand collateral above – but one special piece of collateral we created – was the brand manifesto.



What’s a really clever way to communicate what a company stands for + believes in? A brand manifesto.

We took all the aspects that were key to Beast – and captured into a visual Print.

A manifesto like this can be turned into a bunch of branded swag…

// from posters,

// to thank-you or note cards,

// or maybe even a notebook / journal.

// Brand gift

// Wall Decal in the corporate office

How would you use it?


Step 3: Website

Now that the new brand was refreshed, it was time to ensure that the shop reflected a similar “look”.

Homepage Before + After

 Focus on the homepage was more about shifting things to focus on the user experience, and create a modern aesthetic.

The About Page


The about page also needed personality. So we reworked it, included more of the story, and built in a whole bunch of the brand’s mission:

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