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“What is a Brand”?

We were enjoying a traditional colonial farm style breakfast in the true sense of the word. Think Yoghurt and fruit compote [with berries picked from the farm and made in the farm kitchen], a warm porridge, and I think it was sometime during the eggs, bacon and roasted baby tomato [with fresh basil sprinkled over] that we began talking about what we do… and the topic of Branding came up.

What is Branding” Our host asked me.

So I start talking about the experience [as I explain in this video]:

[and which I’ve spoken about here before]

… and he says to me… “what about Coca-Cola… whats their Brand.

And you know someone’s brand is very clearly communicated…

When the first answer that pops out of my mouth [without even thinking] is “It’s about sharing moments of happiness“.

It’s not the red logo… its about how it makes you feel when you drink the sweet liquid, the experiences you have and the memories you make – it’s about the social relationships… that’s what they sell.

Then I related my lesson back to their brand.

Their farm is beautiful.


Glen Avon Farm BnB as captured by @FreshSageSA

It’s off the beaten track, you don’t have TV, you get to watch the cows being milked… that is the experience they sell.

I was saying that their logo isn’t what attracts clients.

The experience of farm living attracts people to them.

The experience of having this incredible farm breakfast, and connecting with them is what makes it special.

The experience of being on a farm that has so much incredible history [he’s the 7th generation farmer who lives on the farm]

Those experiences come together to create a beautiful brand experience… one that’s different from other BnB’s [including our one].

It’s those experiences that make their brand unique – not a logo that’s slapped onto a website.

So what about your brand?

What are you doing, to create an experience that sets your Biz apart?

What is a Brand? Post by @FreshSageSA - quote by @SethGodin

Why are your clients choosing you over someone else?



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