Are you wondering

which tools I use

to create an

online business?

Taking your business online,

has so many moving parts.


From needing to set up your website,

To connecting with your audience,

and then there are all the tools and systems that help make sure you don’t go crazy in the backend!

I’m going to help you cut through some of the noise,

and I’m sharing the tools* that I have used to build my online business!

*Note: some of the tools are free, some are not. I also want you to know that some of these links will be affiliate links [which basically means that if you choose to buy the product through my link, they will kindly give me a little $ at no extra cost to you]. either way – they are all tools that I have used + love [I wouldn’t share them with you if that wasn’t the case].

Tools that keep

my website going…

My Website backend:

You have your biz name, and you now want to buy your URL [www.fabbizname.com], there are plenty of companies, you can use, but for me hetzner was my go to, they have given me great service.

They even have a domain name search [where you can see if that fab biz name has been taken / not].

Click here to check Hetzner out



My Website Look + Feel:

So many of you have commented on how you loved the look and feel of my site. I want to quickly let you know, that I tried so many free themes, and I stttrrruuugggllleed to get them to look half decent.

But DIVI is an incredible theme, so incredibly versatile, wonderful support [they have a wonderful backend support system], and now that they have just created a “visual builder” it’s even easier to create your gorgeous website [with a drag and drop feature]!

Click here to check DIVI out



How do I stay

connected with my audience?

Let’s start with email:

I recently moved from Mailchimp to ConvertKit. Why? I had multiple opt-ins, I wanted to track my connections better, I liked how their focus is on subscribers FIRST, but giving you awesome ways to track things [like tagging subscribers], grow your list, and automate your email marketing. Worth the investment, for sure!

Click here to check Convertkit out



How I track Client Connections:

I struggled to find an awesome way to visually track all the people I was connecting with. I wanted to visually see where people were at, and how I was growing my relationship with them.

With Trello – I’m able to create a “stage” for each step in my business, then create specific cards for each person [and upload a pic of them too], now I can see them all in one go!

Click here to check Trello out



What about the Creative Stuff?

How I create:

How do I go about designing my clients brand… creative cloud! I play between illustrator, photoshop and indesign – depending on what the needs are.

Click here to check Creative Cloud out



How my clients create:

Whilst I set up my clients brand “look”, we need to make sure it’s easy enough for them to implement it, and Canva is my “go to” application to help them implement their brand.

A warning, if you go into Canva without being clear on what your brand position is, it’s easy to get distracted and create a whole bunch of pretty – and not a lot of aligned branding.

Click here to check CANVA out



Keeping it all neat + tidy:

I love using google drive, whether it’s to share or track documents, write blog posts, or keep track of my social posts.

Click here to check Google Drive out



Finding Images, fonts, and other creative elements:

Have you heard of creative market? Its a great place to get fonts, images, and patterns/textures.

Click here to check Creative Market out



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