get direction + focus with

a clear roadmap for your business

get clear and focused

save time + overwhelm

grow your business

you don’t have the time to second guess yourself

// Wondering how to stand out / differentiate?

// Unsure what your business “edge” is?

// Stuck between 500 clients you could work with.

// Not sure which offers to go with.

too many decisions can be overwelming.

It’s time to get focused and clear.

stand out confidently.


With a clear roadmap,

you’ll focus your attention,

and know where to grow your brand.

how it works

1. Get clarity in your session.

We will set up a call to work through all the intracies of your business:

// the dream + focus

// the clients you are contemplating working with

// how you’ll serve them

// why they should work with you.

In the session with will narrow down your areas of focus + get clear on your way forward.

2. Establish the Company's EDGE.

We focus on pulling all the pieces of your thinking together, in a way that uniquely positions you in the market place.

Differentiating you from all the others who are doing what you do.

3. Clear Brand Roadmap to take action on.

We’ll have a follow up session to discuss the roadmap document, and work through the key areas you can focus the brand.

We will also discuss the actionable areas to focus on in the next 3 – 6 months.


stop stressing about whether you’re making the right decisions

and have a clear plan + focused actions to grow your business.

Book your fresh roadmap session.

// a simple strategy to keep you focused.

// Your unique positioning outlined,

// knowing who you serve – more deeply,

// clarity on where to take your brand,

// your custom roadmap for the way forward.

Includes a 90min zoom call + your roadmap outlined in a 5 page PDF.


[South African rate: R3,000]

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