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What is a Brand Roadmap

Essentially a roadmap is a plan to get your from A to B.

The Brand Roadmap is designed to point your brand in the right direction – getting you from where you are now – to where you want to be.

But before we can take action, we need a few things in place: The Brand Foundation.

The Brand Foundation are critical to the success of your brand, namely:

  1. A Brand Goal [you need to know where you are going]
  2. Your Unique Positioning
  3. Who to serve [ideal clients]
  4. Clear Offers they really want

The Brand Roadmap Package covers both aspects:

  1. Get Crystal clear on your Brand Foundation
  2. Map out the a Strategic Roadmap for the next 3 months

and yes… we cover this in one day 

Do I need a Brand Roadmap?

The roadmap is necessary at varying stages of your business:

You’re starting out?

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone [and burn out getting nowhere fast] – it’s critical to build a solid Brand Foundation.

If not – you’ll find that:

  • You’re not sure where to focus
  • You struggle to tell people what you do + why you’re awesome
  • You aren’t sure where to find clients
  • You have offers – but do they convert?
  • So you find yourself in a constant feast and famine.

This will position you for success, and the clarity will save your hours + $$$. Also, please don’t invest in branding [logo + web] until you are clear on your foundation [otherwise you will spend the same money twice].

In the first 1- 5 years?

You’ve started testing your offers and services, but you might find that you

  • still aren’t quite clear + need refining
  • you’re struggling to narrow your focus
  • your unique positioning isn’t nailed.

If that’s you, then a brand roadmap will definitely help you focus + get clarity – so that you can continue building a business you love.

Established Business?

I find that many established consultants and coaches have built a strong business because they are an expert at what they do.

Some have gone through a strategy process before, some haven’t ever spent time on their brand foundation.

But they find themselves at the next chapter of their business, they either want to:

  • tap into a new market, 
  • take a fresh look at their strategy to stay relevant
  • grow the business further
  • Position themselves properly [and bed down the foundation before being invited to present at that big thing]
  • move past word of mouth referrals + get more intentional about attracting clients.
  • Ensure their brand isn’t outdated / stale

If that’s you, then a brand roadmap will definitely help you have clarity + focus for the next level of your business journey.

Larger Companies

This is when I suggest that a client look at a brand strategy rather.


What is included in the Brand Roadmap Package?

The brand Roadmap Package includes the following:

1. Initial Session: Brand Foundation

We’ll spend 1 – 2 hours working through all the pieces of your brand, unpacking the ideas, thoughts [and shiny objects] – getting you clarity on the following:

  1. Brand Goal
  2. Unique Positioning
  3. Ideal Client
  4. Clear Offers

2. Pulling all the threads together

Whilst you sip your coffee, surprised at what we managed to cover in such a tight timeline, you move on to the rest of your day [wondering what I’ll come up with next].

I will take all the information, wave my magic wand + consolidate it into your brand roadmap document.

3. Follow up: The Roadmap discussion

Within the 24 hours [after all, I said within 1 day, didn’t I?] – we will meet again.

In this meeting, I will talk you through your Brand Roadmap, showing you how all the pieces of your brand work together.

Brand Roadmap Blueprint

Then we will take a look at the blueprint + discuss / finalise your next steps for the next 3 months.


What you get?

Tangibles: 2 x Sesssions + a PDF

Intangibles: Clarity, focus, and practical next steps.

How does it work?

I like to keep things simple.

1. You reach out

Whilst reading through what’s covered in the Brand Roadmap Package – you’re thinking “Yip, I need this” – so you reach out + we have a little chat to see if it’s right for you.


2. We book in the session

You’ll get a link to my online calendar to book your timeslot after finalising the payment.

We’ll hop on a zoom call + work through your brand foundation [usually a 1 – 2 hour session].


3. Finalise + Take Action

We’ll then hop on the 2nd call [usually within the day] to finalise your roadmap + 3 month plan.

Then all that’s left, is for you to take action + grow a brand you love!

How much does the Brand Roadmap Cost?

The Brand Roadmap Package includes:

  • 1 – 2 hour Brand Foundation session
  • Compiling of the Roadmap Document
  • 2nd Session to finalise roadmap
  • PDF of your custom 3 month blueprint.

Investment: $500

South African Rate: R5,000

Stop drowning in the chaos of too many ideas + thoughts.


Find Clarity + meaning,

With focused actions,

to grow your business,

for the next 90 days


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