How do you feel about getting gifts?

I love that there are a bunch of pressies wrapped under the tree right now [thanks mum], and that I have no clue what’s hidden inside them!

The excitement and anticipation of receiving a little love from your loved one, is super special!

It doesn’t have to be a fancy gift… just a little something to show that they were thinking of you!

Side note: I really need to teach my son this… his list to Santa is made of big ticket items – like a motorbike [and protective pads for the motorbike], a canoe, a new phone [lol… he’s only 7!!!], an electric scooter, and some Cccaassshh [he said $1000 – he’s been watching way too much TV… clearly!]

So… Let’s get back to reality… and the joy of giving a gift of appreciation.

I love giving gifts… because I love how it makes others feel to receive it.

Your clients would probably love a little gift from you too!

Just like you… your clients would love to know that you care about them [and their business].

Use Christmas as a fab excuse to bless them!

This is a really awesome time to connect with them again… not to ask for business, or punt your offering… but just to give.

Here are 16 ways that you can give back to your clients:

  1. Give a card [Ps – I got you covered on this one… see below for my gift to you 😜]
  2. Send them a voucher [coffee, meal, or an experience – like a massage!!!]
  3. Give them access to one of your virtual products [or send them a physical product as a treat]
  4. Drop them an email – and let them know how awesome they are [we all need a little reminding once in a while]
  5. Buy them a little treat – know that they love wine – send them a bottle [or pop their fav chocolate in the post, or give the stationery holic another journal / pen in her fav colour]
  6. Created a new freebie? I’m sure they’d love it.
  7. Give them a shoutout on social media #linklove
  8. Buy them an experience with another biz bestie – who you know could really help them out!
  9. Send them some flowers [or give a busy mom a meal]
  10. Get her something branded for her business [like Renee did for Stevie]
  11. Send them personalised stationery
  12. Make something yourself… handmade gifts are always treasured!
  13. share a lesson / tutorial with them
  14. Send them some good vibes [itunes gift card should do the trick]
  15. Send them a book you loved reading – that you know they’d love!
  16. Call them… just to say hi!

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