When I bought my first car… it was an exciting feeling to have wheels that now belonged to ME! The world was my oyster…

I loved driving my car, the sense of freedom it gave, and I loved the sense of accomplishment I felt – now that I owned my first mode of transport…


Maintaining the car was less exhilarating… filling a car with petrol, or sending it for a service, didn’t quite bring the same sense of joy. And when I had an accident {yes, I have given cars facelifts before}, my car didn’t make me too happy… and then there is the gut wrench of forking out for new tyres!

I think that owning your first business is similar!

The sense of freedom and accomplishment you feel when you have your own thing is awesome, but like running a car, there are things about business {whether it’s the admin, deliveries, cash flow, or even sales} that don’t bring the same sense of joy… and when things go wrong, it can be hugely stressful {and sucks the life out of you}!

What did you mean by Ownership?

By Ownership: Do I need to sell bits of my company to my staff?

No… When I talk about Ownership of the Business Strategy, I’m saying:

In order to achieve the vision, we need to realise that Its not just the “bosses” problem, but rather that we all have a role to play in getting there.

Together we own the vision… and are a part of making it happen!

Sharing the load…

It’s funny, when I got my first car, I felt like the Barney rule {you know: “Sharing is caring”} didn’t quite apply… I wasn’t too keen on anyone else taking my baby for a spin {I thought she was too young for any facelifts}… but when you drive long distances, you quickly realise that having someone else share the driving load – really does help!

I know of a few business owners – who feel the same way about their business…The idea of allowing their employees to have a say in the business strategy… seems ludicrous.

Do you want your Business to be really successful?

Allow the team to craft the future with you.

Just like I don’t like being told what to do, but if I have a say in what needs to be done… you definitely have a lot more of my commitment!

Similarly, when the team have a role to play in deciding on the next strategy… you’ll have more commitment from them too!

What will you gain?

I find that when you bring the team into your Strategy Planning session… you gain the following:

Whilst you still own the business, THEY know your business inside out… and can identify exactly where your key levers are!

You can’t think of everything yourself… Let them help fill in the gaps {and yes, they may just surprise you}!

When they are a part of deciding the future… They are fully behind you to make it happen

They understand the impact their tasks have on the overall business success

So, if you’re in business for the long haul {and you don’t want to burn out along the way}… having your team work with you {and share the load} really does make a difference to your business success!

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Here’s to sharing the load…

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