Culture is an interesting word… people often talk about a “Culture”… but when they are asked to describe what it means – they find it really difficult. Some think it’s about making work a “happier” place… other’s think it will drive business… others think it’s a bit of a swear word. It seems like a hard thing to pin down… let alone making it work in your business!

So… What is Culture?

More traditionally defined, it is…

“The attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group”

Also known as:

“The way things happen around here”

Culture: The way things happen around here

The way things happen around here

You see… whether you design the way you want your culture to be … or whether you let it happen by default … The way that things happen in your business… the way that people behave… and the attitudes they display… THAT, my friends, is your culture!

What does your Culture look like?

What about your company’s culture… What did you want to hang your businesses preverbial “hat” on?

Let me guess… your ideal culture was one that focused on Quality… or Service… or Professionalism? How about Openness… or Ethical deals? Maybe… Innovation?

Now take a good long hard look around at your people… are they living it?

Is the reality what you hoped, dreamed, thought it would be?

So how do I get a really great culture… what’s the secret?

Haha… you didn’t think I’d tell you here – did you? I would need to get your address, so that I could kill you afterwards!

Ok… I’m kidding…


The secret… is two fold…

1. Values: Making sure that the team value and live what the company aspires to…


2. Congruency: Is my culture in line with my business goal?

I’ve worked in companies where the culture is entrenched… and I have had the opportunity to design a culture from scratch… each time… the critical success factor – is making sure that the two factors above… are in place! That – and a fricken good execution strategy!

So… “Culture” is an interesting animal… It can either work well for you… or it can cripple you.

Some take Culture lightly… and other’s get way to academic about it… and others don’t do anything at all {other than holding thumbs – HOPING that it will all turn out ok}!

What kind of business are you? Do you have your “Culture” all figured out – and sit back as things run smoothly… or are you wondering why you’re constantly putting out fires? Or are you hoping that if squeeze your eyes shut {nice and tightly}… You will wish a great workspace into being? If you fall into the two latter categories and what to chat with me about how to fix it…

You know where to find me 😉

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