Cindy was asking about the tools I use to schedule my bookings with clients.
I totally get it, I’ve been through the “back and forth” emailing with clients to try and book a meeting, it can be a painful and tedious process.
So when I discovered Calendly, it totally changed my life…
[and in case you are wondering – nope – this is not an affiliate link… just an app I enjoy!]

having a system to help co-ordinate my diary and theirs – across multiple time zones… is worth it’s weight in gold!

When I discovered Calendly, it felt like an answer to prayer.
Not only does it help me schedule calls,
but I can also create a different time slots [for different “calls” I offer] – want to know what that looks like?

Here’s the breakdown:

  • so I have a quick 15min chat for people who want to connect
  • I also have a 25min chat for someone who wants to discuss their brand / rebrand options with me
  • I also have a 60min session for those who want an espresso shot of branding advice
  • and then I have a 60min for my current clients 
but the other reason that these varying options are awesome, is that you get to ask specific questions related to the session they are booking.
Because the questions I ask for the 25min chat is very different to the ones I ask those who have paid for their 60min slot.
For me, it’s totally worth the investment. They also have a free option – but then you’re limited to just one slot.

So I hoped that helped you.

There are a few other options you can look into, but this option works for me 😉
If you’re also interested in the other tools I use to run my business, you can find those here.

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