I’ve always said that I believe that creativity is a catalyst for change.

But it’s funny how we sometimes react to change.

So I thought that today, I would share a little bit about the changes my business has been going through… why I stopped blogging here, and why I’ve picked it up again…

How it started…

I had big dreams… to offer my strategic HR thinking to businesses who didn’t have an HR person in place.

It sounds like a good business idea, doesn’t it?

and it is… for someone else.

You see… whilst I’m passionate about business… I’m not as passionate about the traditional aspects of HR.

Hiring, firing, and payroll just don’t really excite me.

The more creative aspects do though.

and it was only when a corporate photography client started roping me into their employer branding stuff… that I started finding my groove, my true happy space.

So change #1 began

I started sharing the exciting work I was doing in the more creative space…

and the more people heard about what I did, the more people were interested.

So now I am juggling two businesses – that are kind of overlapping – but not making sense.

I knew that what I was doing in FreshSage needed to be parked… and so I focused on Inspiredbyemma.

But there was a niggle in the back of my mind…

I had created a great brand in FreshSage… and I just couldn’t leave it alone.

It’s important for me to say here, that:

I made the change regardless… and continued building the photography work under “inspired”

Change #2… a ray of hope!

Then it hit me… another area I’m passionate about – is helping HR people be effective HR people. We study for ages, but as soon as we hit corporate… the ideals we learnt are not reality. In many companies – HR are known as “Tea and Tissues” instead of “Effective business partners” – and if we are the instruments of change – we should be equipped as such.

So maybe FreshSage could be a space to give HR people some fresh thinking on business and HR in SA.

Super exciting project…. but one that I just didn’t have capacity for whilst setting up my other business.

…and it’s a good thing I didn’t.

because I’m about to hit the next phase of change…

Time for change #3…

Is your head spinning yet? in 18 months… 3 changes????

Let me backtrack a little…

Inspired is progressing really well… my clients are growing, enjoying what I produce, and I’m enjoying the work I do.

Instead of HR work, I spend my days capturing companies, designing manuals, facilitating sessions, and creating videos.

Then early in 2014 – I decided to focus more on my blogging and weekly email.

With each passing week, I found it harder and harder to blog – because I just didn’t know who I was writing for!

I decide that it’s hard to focus on two clients [corporates / individuals who want to discover creativity] when they each had such a different focus.

So I decide that it might be best to pick one… and because I want to discover my creativity more – I pushed the latter in my blogging.

…so that left the corporates a little confused [and rather neglected].

I was then left asking myself… does it make sense to keep both aspects of my business together in one website… or do I rather give each “Business” their own space in the world?

My belief [which those on my list echo’d] – is that corporates don’t want to really see posts about my art journalling / decluttering… and people who want to discover creativity – wouldn’t be too enticed by employer branding.

…and now… 18 months later…

The twists and turns all make sense [at last].

I help people discover creativity… when I help corporates discover creativity – I do it through employer branding [under this FreshSage banner] and when I use my creativity to help individuals discover the life they were born to live – I will do it under the inspired – by emma banner.

Some of you may find both areas interesting… in which case sign up for both newsletters.

Either way… I’m carving out a special place for each of you.

But the reason I wanted to share this SUPER long post with you…

is to remind you, that sometimes change isn’t clean and simple… it can get a little messy in the middle… but push through… and as you do you will discover exciting twists and turns in your journey [ones you wouldn’t have discovered if you’d turned back half way through].



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