9 easy ways to support local business [without too much effort]

How do you support local business? Here are 9 easy ways to support local business [without much effort], a collaboration with the local yokel project - supporting local East London Business.

Jun 27, 2019


“When you support small business you support a dream”

I love seeing people grow their dreams & bring their business to life.

I suspect you do too!

So how do we encourage and support local businesses? When your friends and family start their business, you know you want to support them + their fledgling business… but there are only so many soaps, brownies, and notebooks you can buy, right?

Good news for you, is that there are 8 more [super easy] ways that you can help them spread the word… 

What are the other ways that we can support local business?

I have whipped up a recipe of 9 different options for you to try in collaboration with the local yokel project [and only one includes purchasing the items!].


1. comment on their posts

A simple comment, emoji, or gif will not only show support, but facebook + instagram like the engagement + give them more airtime!


2. Leave some love

instead of just pressing “like” – rather opt for a ♥ or “wow”! Facebook will give it more attention.

3. Share a post

Sharing their post with your friends, will be like introducing them to your friends, and maybe a little like christmas!


4. Tell a friend [word of mouth]

Old school “word of mouth” is still king!

So tell your friends about your lovely local finds!

5. Tag a friend / send a message

Sharing their post with your friends, will be like introducing them to your friends in real life, …and maybe a little like christmas for them!

tip: use the “@” and start typing the name of the person you want to tag, and Facebook will start to pull up their name for you! 

6. Give a “local” gift

Find something local and special to spoil your loved ones, or your business connections!

7. Pin their images!

When you’re on their website, and they have a beautiful picture… pin it!


8. Leave a Review!

Social proof is key! We like to buy from people who are legit… so show that the establishment is legit by leaving your review.


9. Share your experience

When you go to a coffee shop + take your selfie or your foodie-pic, or capture that moment… …do the business a favour + tag them in it!

tip: sometimes Facebook is a little glitchy when using the “@”, if that’s you – try capitalising the business name if you get stuck!

Special thanks goes to the local yokel project, who make a continual effort to educate our local community in East London to “shop local” and support businesses within the East London area!


Want to pin the whole graphic?

You can grab, share and link to this one:

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