real fresh branding.

For a brand that looks like the champagne quality it already is, with a brand experience that feels…you!

textured minimal,

+ brands with substance

In the FreshSage studio… we found ourselves drawn to brands that have substance + meaning. We are attracted to the simplicity of minimal design… but it needs to be more than something pretty.

It really lights us up to see you doing something amazing in the world… and we get a kick out of streamlining all your ideas into a strategy + brand that work for you!

what they said…

So happy with my branding! OMG, you nailed it Emma, purely Magic!

I’m now proud of the way my brand represents me [I used to feel internally proud of my work but I felt like my brand didn’t reflect that on the outside until Emma worked her magic!!!]

Love Love Love how it turned out! One of the best investments I’ve made in my business to date.

Kate Crocco

I have had overwhelming feedback on how the brand is fresh, crisp & elegant!

I love it, and am so glad that my clients do too! 

Francine Bell [Additive Free Kids]

I am so thankful for the strategic and visual branding support that Emma provided for my business. It was truly a game-changer in up-leveling the presence of my business online.

I know that it helped make my external visibility match the quality of the coaching service that I offer.

My favorite part of working with Emma was her ability to be creative but also organized. Emma delivered above and beyond my expectations for a brand– I highly recommend her!

Anna Frandsen

Nope, it’s not about creating a logo or website.

It’s about creating a brand experience.

Whilst a lovely logo, website [or that course you’re launching] are all opportunities to showcase your brand… if you really want a brand that makes as much impact as you do – we need to delve into your strategy – analyse your business ingredients, your heart, your purpose, your ideal clients…

…and THEN create a brand experience that aligns to that!

what do our clients really get?

// A deep understanding and confidence in what they do 

// Additional business guidance and fine tuning 

// Some visuals to help them create a consistent brand 

// A connection to their greater purpose 

// And a feeling of being ignited about their business again

some of the experiences we created

real fresh solutions

You want real solutions, from someone who will take a fresh look at your business… but who are freshsage – anyway?

more lovely words

from our clients

Emma has a magical branding touch.

Somehow she took my jumbled ideas and was able to see past them into who I am and what my business really does.

In the end, she delivered a beautiful brand that I love that was instantly delivering results like an increase in sales calls.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process and the results.


Emma took the time not simply provide a “logo” but to understand my brand, why it exists and who I serve at the deepest possible level.

The result was a brand overhaul that has received multiple comments, and I have been asked to speak at events and on podcasts around the world!

I now stand out in my marketplace in a way that I have never done so before, all because of working with Emma.


I can’t praise Emma enough for what she has done for our brand. The experience was worth every minute to get the direction and focus back in the business. Her processes will take you places that you have never been before [so very thought provoking] .

Emma is a brand genius and I have loved working with her and the results she has achieved for our company! 


When someone asks me

to help position their brand

They think they are getting a logo, website, or brand strategy… But what they really get,

is a deep understanding and confidence in what they do //

additional business guidance and fine tuning //

some visuals to help them create a consistent brand //

a connection to their greater purpose //

 and a feeling of being ignited about their business again //

some of the ways we can work together

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