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“What… you don’t do Thanksgiving?”

Yip... We don't do thanksgiving. No, it's not that I'm ungrateful, don't want to be thankful, or even that I like being miserable.... it's just that in South Africa, thanksgiving isn't something we celebrate as a country. It's just a "normal" work day here. But how...

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5 Branding Tips to Grow your online Brand

When I started my online business, I made plenty of mistakes! There are a lot of factors that go into creating an online business... and growing a brand that resonates with the ideal client, is usually something that requires a lot of work. so when I was having a...

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40 things I want to do before my 40th #bucketlist

I’m creeping closer to 40… to be exact [at the time of writing this on a balmy Friday] … I have 52185600 seconds, … or 869760 minutes … or 14496 hours … 19 months … or 86 weeks … and finally  604 days left. Basically, I have enough time to add a little bit of fun to...

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16 free script + brush fonts hidden in CANVA

She liked the font I'd shown her, but the price tag wasn't tasting as delicious. and she asked me if I knew of any free scripted fonts that would work for her brand. so I thought I'd show her the top 16 scripted and brush fonts that CANVA have [considering they're...

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Brand consistency, Hearty soups + White Mocha’s

What does consistency look like in branding? You know that moment when you’re scrolling through your facebook timeline, and you stop in mid-scroll - because you just saw ______ [insert brand crush here]’s post!!! You can’t wait to read what she wrote today!...

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A letter to mom… on Mothersday!

I remember feeling mesmerised. I used to love listening to your stories. As a young girl, you’d often share stories with me, sometimes they were from books, occasionally they were made up, and often times they were just about some random happenings from your day. I...

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Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Hey Hun! I'm Emma Weise

Head Creative | FreshSage

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