Fresh Question: When is it time to get branded – and should you get branded when you just started out?

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Jan 11, 2019


I got an awesome question today from Isabella today… she asked:

When is it time to get branded when you just started out?

Here’s my “off the cuff” and “shot straight from the hip” answer [which I loved so much, I thought I’d share it here]:


Naturally – I’m going to throw a quick caveat in here + say that it totally depends on the business and market you’re in.

That being said…

I feel that for the majority of service based business owners [especially consultants] – they actually don’t need a brand upfront!


😱 WWHHHAATTT… did I just say that?!?!?!


Even though I’m a branding person,
and I could make a lot of money off someone starting out!

Here’s why I say I think you may not need a brand.

Julie* [totally ficticious name that I pulled from my arse] starts her consulting business.

She gets a shiny brand.

Now she looks legit.

So she goes out there + finds her first 5 clients + offers her “service”.

She then realises she doesn’t like that client,

Whomp Whomp!!!

She also discovers another talent she didn’t know existed before,

or she finds that she hates doing x, and decides to start doing y = she tweaks her offering.

She also figures out what makes her business unique,

…and 6 months into her business…

the original brand no longer fits!!!

+ she has to spend all that money starting again!

Julie should have invested in some brand coaching first.

Once she has tested her clients, offer, brand direction – and feels more settled [but knows that the brand isn’t at the level her new service is] – THAT is when it’s the right time for her to brand.

Did that help you too???

Naturally it sparked some discussion + I received a follow up question…

[thanks Susanna!!!]

“Tell me more about that earlier process for the newbs Emma. I think that’s key. 

I am particularly interested in what you’re saying about brand coaching.”

Hey Susanna – more than happy to elaborate…


There are two ways that Julie could tackle branding with me [without actually branding yet]…

Option 1:

A Small Tweak

Maybe Julie just needs help with ONE element of her brand foundation:

// what makes her biz unique / her USP 
// who her ideal client is
// what she should offer them
// clarity on where to take the brand

Then Julie could totally just book an intensive with me (one session) to tackle it 

Option 2:

Positioned for impact

Julie knows that she needs help in a few of the areas – in order to pull it together effectively [and position her business for impact].

If that’s the case – I have a 3 session package – where we work through all her ingredients & work together to find clarity, and focused direction… to position her for impact.


Get those elements in place…

and you’re off to a great start!

So… as you take a fresh look at your brand…  

How is your brand foundation measuring up?

Rate yourself on the following 4 areas:

// Your Unique selling point

Are you positioned differently to all the other competitors?

// Your Ideal Client

More than age, job title, and how many kids she/he has… how well do you really know them?

// Your services / Offering

Is your service / offering solving your ideal clients needs?

// Brand Positioning

Is your brand positioned for success?

Hoping that your 2019 is built on a solid + successful brand!

x Emma

About the Author

Emma is the Chief Coffee Drinker here at FreshSage. With over a decade in branding + another decade in corporate business - she's always balancing the creative with business strategy + goals. She believes everyone has a purpose + calling, and secretly loves helping her clients find theirs. When she's not building brand experiences, she's spending time with her High-school sweetheart + kidlet, tinkering in her veg garden, painting an abstract, and enjoying vino with friends.

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